Digital caricature has long been performed at high-end events like corporate events and trade shows, 
and is becoming popular with the general public. Digital caricatures are drawn on an iPad or other digital device. A flat screen monitor allows the crowd to watch as drawings unfold. Drawings are printed on the spot on 4" x 6" photo paper. Plastic bags are provided to protect prints if landyards aren’t used. Digital files can be made available for download. A logo, message and art can be added to each print at no additional cost. 

Trade shows and Promotional Events
Digital caricature drawing is ideal as a traffic builder at trade shows. Crowds gather and lines form keeping people at the vendors booth for extended periods
​of time. Insert the 4”x6” prints with company info on them into lanyards and you have folks happily walking around promoting your company, product
and booth. 

• Crowds gather and lines form keeping people entertained at the vendors booth for extended periods of time. 
 Insert the 4”x6” prints with company info on them into wearable lanyards and you have folks happily walking around promoting your company, website, product and booth.
 Post event make digital files available for download on ours or your website.
 Live Digital caricatures are often displayed by the customer at home or in their workplace for endless additional marketing value.